Car & Caravan

Sylvanian Family take car and caravan for a ride¬†Sylvanian Families Caravans are a fantastic way for the Sylvanian families to travel around Sylvania to see and experience places that they haven’t seen or heard about before. The carvan is very well equiped so the sylvanina families won’t have to rough it.

There is a fully equiped kitchen, with pots, pans, knives and forks, glasses, a little cooker and even an iron board that folds out so that the Sylvanian families always look smart and propper. There is a seating area for the families to sit down and have their tea or to play a game of cards or simple to have a chat about the days activites. The seating area also folds out into a spacious bed so that the families can enjoy their sleep while on holiday. Sylvanian Families The Caravan and Family Car

The roof of the caravan can be opened and the bunk beds for the children fold out of the roof and there are duvets for the children to keep them snuggly and warm at night

The families can keep themselves and their children clean and tidy even after a day at the beach or in the river, the caravan has a brilliant shower. A good caravan always needs plenty of storage to tuck away the clothes and all the little things that a family needs on a caravaning trip. There is also extra storage infront of the door to keep all the childrens toys and games as well.

Sylvanian children asleep in caravan

Of course to move a caravan you need a car and
the car that comes with the Sylvanian caravan doesn't disappoint
, it is an open top number,
with room for four adults and two babies in the rear facing
seats, the seats have belts to keep
 the children in place. The car has a towbar that the hitch on
 the caravan pops into.
 A day out from the caravan to the beach or the hills wouldn't
 be complete without a picnic.
 The Sylvanian car comes with and has room for a hamper on the
 boot of the car.

The Sylvanian caravan and car have lots and lots of superb detail
 the roof opens the sides open and the door opens so that
the children  can have fantastic access to the whole caravan.
The caravan and car are very well made our
daughter absolutly
loves this Sylvanian set, she has spent hours
and hours enjoyably playing with it.

Sylvanian Families The Caravan and Family Car

Sylvanian Families is a unique and adorable range of distinctive animal

characters with charming and beautifully detailed homes, furniture and

accessories. They live, work and play in the idyllic and wonderful land of Sylvania.

Sylvanian Families The Caravan and Family Car